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200th 'don't attack iran' petition delivered at downing street

rikki | 02.07.2008 23:31 | SOCPA | Terror War | London

maria from 'peacestrike' and parliament square has been quietly delivering petitions to the door of number ten for a number of months now. today, she delivered her 200th petition

maria has collected nearly 5000 signatures in a series of petitions all with the same title - 'don't attack iran'

her 200th petition was delivered at noon today and these photos were captured by a supporter of hers is campaigning to bring the uk to a peaceful halt should there be any attempt to mount a military attack on iran. they hold regular protests and musical events in parliament square which are posted on their website

maria has been a close supporter of brian haw in parliament square for several years

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Afghanistan and Iraq

03.07.2008 08:04

I think there are plenty of things to to stop already without an attack on Iran like the 'wars' in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Also I remember there being plenty of petitions before the Iraq war (even more), and they stopped NOTHING. Sane & logical responses are needed.

Brian B
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03.07.2008 11:02

Will the 200th be as effective as the 199 that went before it ?

Yet more pathetic, gesture actions that reinforce the self righteous feelings of those involved while achieving zero.

No war but the class war

What's the point of petitions?

03.07.2008 12:15

They change nothing. Don't waste your energy: start sabotaging the war machine directly, that's the only way anything will change.



03.07.2008 23:58

Ignore the komments from Brain B and K. Youve already done more than they culd in 10 of there lifetimes. All there small minds are able to do to is write snidey remarks on indymedia to try and boost their egos. Keep up the good work! Peace & Luv.
Donna x

Donna M.


05.07.2008 11:17

People will achieve nothing with petitions. May I remind liberals and re(con)formists that petitions were handed to the Government against an attack on Iraq and against UK support for Israeli oppression yet have achieved nothing. We need to start organisisng against the root causes of war, pollution, poverty, oppression, slavery etc and those reasons are profit, capitalism and the state.



06.07.2008 11:05

To clarify, my comment was not meant as an attack on Maria, who has been dedicated in her campaigning at Parliament Square. All you are doing is insulting me by saying I have a small mind - I have not insulted anyone (do I accuse you of boosting Marias and your ego? or having a small mind. No of course not).
I am only commenting on the reality that petitions do not seem to have worked. Only that part. If you and others do not want to discuss how to actually achieve something then that is up to you.

Brian B
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