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londonfete reveals the "Plan C from Outer Space" (Croydon July 5th)

londonfete | 01.07.2008 11:51 | G8 Japan 2008 | Globalisation | Migration | London

Plan "C" as in Croydon

For Freedom of Movement and Freedom To Protest!

On the 5th of July 2008, people all around the world will protest
against the G8 summit 2008 in Japan. Globalisation has created huge
movements of people to the centres of capitalism. However whilst capital
- money and commodities - has been granted ever-expanding
freedom of movement, the movement of workers as migrants is subject to
increasingly complex and brutal systems of control.

We are calling for a protest against the UK Border Agency.
It is time to join forces, for freedom of movement, the freedom to
protest and equal rights for all !

Plan C from Outer Space - Get Involved!
Plan C from Outer Space - Get Involved!


12:00 am - Warm up phase: Solidarity protest with anti G8 activists in Japan at the Japanese embassy, 101-104 Piccadilly, London, W1J 7JT

see for whats going on in Japan


The "Plan" in detail:

Phase 1: The Start

10am (London earth time) meeting of critical mass/bikeride at Brixton Oval
(Ritzy Cinema)
10.30am take off towards Croydon

Other options for Space Travel are:
- Buses: From Brixton: Buses 109 and 250, take 50-60 mins

- Trains: From London Bridge: 13 mins to East Croydon, trains every 5-10 mins,
£5 return Also less frequent to West Croydon,( journey time 30 mins)

- From Victoria: 16-20 mins to East C., trains every 5-10 minutes, £5
return (Also less frequent to West Croydon, journey time 30 mins)

Phase 2: The Landing

12.00-12.30 bikeride is approaching Croydon Orbit
12.30 landing area touchdown North End, Croydon

Establishing a Moon Base
Information, Gifts and more Croydon Central, North End, Close to the entrance of Whitgift Shopping
Centre ( Landing Coordinates: 51.375089, -0.100787 )

Phase 3: Places to visit and explore

- Lunar House, a massive twenty-storey office block in Croydon, South
London is the headquarters of the UK Border Agency.
( 51.37821, -0.098319 )

- Just over the street there is Electric House, a reporting centre,
where hundreds of asylum seekers visit everyday from miles away to
fulfil their reporting obligations'. They are often arrested on the
spot, there are holding facilities ( short-term prisons) where asylum
seekers are being kept until they get transferred to an immigration
removal centre. ( 51.375089, -0.100787 )

- Down the Road: Apollo House - Immigration Research Statistics Service
(IRSS) of the Home Office
( 51.374834, -0.0976 )

from 15.00/30 re-gathering in the park (Kathrine Street, next to
Croydon Council) ( 51.37821, -0.098319 )

Phase 4: Chill out and public amusement! A celebration of Freedom Of Assembly!
Bring your music, food and whatever you like.

Phase 5: The Take Off

afternoon: bikeride returns to Planet Central London, space travel back home


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G8 Filmnight at Bowl Court wednesday 8pm

01.07.2008 13:47

feel july 2nd invited.

g8 no

You see I would go

01.07.2008 22:42

Killing Fields and all that :)

But I've got a trip to Cambodia planned for that weekend