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sequani trial talk

lamoo | 30.06.2008 18:42 | Stop Sequani Animal Testing | SOCPA | Animal Liberation | Globalisation | Repression | London | World

the accused in the biggest and scariest poitical trial in recent memory talk about their experiences and what they have learned, 7pm at the LARC, 62 Fieldgate St, Whitechapel, London, E1 1ES

a talk and discussion about the sequani trial, where 12 peaceful protesters were arrested under the draconian SOCPA legislation for protesting outside an animal testing lab with banners. No violence, no threats, one was a lady in her 60s.

the 20 week trial was blacked out from the mainstream media and sean kirtley, who updated the website was convicted and sentenced to 4 and a half years.

Come and find out how this legislation could be used against any activist...

Vegan food provided

62 Fieldgate St
E1 1ES

If undercover please wear moccasins for easy identification....

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would be useful

30.06.2008 19:53

I think you missed out the date of the talk!

A Date

this thursday (3/7/08)

30.06.2008 20:22

what would you do without me hehe

diary boy to the rescue

elderly ladies... who`s next??

30.06.2008 20:28

Amongst the 12, there were actually 2 ladies in their 60`s and another 2 in their mid to late 50`s. Of these 4, at least 2 suffer from ill health. Hardly a bunch of hardcore activists, but as this scandalous case proves, criminal/direct actions are now irrelevant - the authorities want you off the streets if you dare to voice your opinion(on any issue).

An inevitable side effect of this case, is the fear in the minds of anyone that considers taking part in peaceful protest. How can anyone be sure they won`t be next? Exactly. Which is why the authorities were always onto a winner when you look at it like that. Understandably, some people simply won`t want to take the risk of their house being raided, property confiscated and 2 years of your life on hold with the threat of imprisonment at the end.

Can`t get to the meeting but good luck. Hope something comes from it.

Vegan Freedom Fighter

what do you mean by "criminal/direct actions are now irrelevant"?

30.06.2008 21:28

what do you mean by "criminal/direct actions are now irrelevant"?

RE: Vegan Freedom Fighter; can your clear up something for me?

it's on thursday

30.06.2008 22:22

this thursday 3rd july.

er, it was a test?


Criminalisation of peaceful protest

01.07.2008 02:15

OK sorry i didn`t explain myself very well. I`ll try again.

As long as you don`t commit any `criminal` acts but instead campaign peacefully, you`re not at risk of being arrested, right? That`s what some people(incl campaigners) seem to think. I think the Sequani case shows more than any other that this theory is totally wrong.

These 12 campaigners were all facing up to 5 years in prison. The police poured millions of pounds into the case, fully aware that they were dealing with ordinary, peaceful campaigners who just happened to be at the demos in question. The authorities wanted the legal Sequani campaign shut down. Why? Because they are well aware that campaigns such as this can be and are very effective, whether `illegal` action has taken place or not.

What`s particularly worrying about this case(although i`ve seen similar cases in the past) is that the police seem to have purposely gone for a varied age range of campaigners. If they went for all youngsters(and there were some who avoided charges), older campaigners could think that they would be safe in future, possibly under the misapprehension that the younger campaigners had got upto things they shouldn`t. Could it be that the police wanted to scare off older campaigners(across the country) from taking part in peaceful demos?

It`s the criminalisation of peaceful protest. The police have now moved the goalposts so far that it would be totally ridiculous to still claim that they`re only interested in the `criminal activists`.

That`s not to say that animal rights protesters can`t still stage and win campaigns, but everyone should be aware of this case because winning will require lots more thought on how to get round SOCPA, which seems to have restricted demos more than any other law in recent years.

Vegan Freedom Fighter