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Cycling to the moon: Mass to Croydon July 5th

londonfete | 29.06.2008 19:59 | G8 Japan 2008 | Globalisation | Migration

Bikeride to Croydon

A Day Out In Croydon!

Londonfete invites for a bikeride/critical mass
to Croydon, Saturday July 5th as part of the International Day of Action
against the G8, starting on Brixton Oval SW2 1JG
(Ritzy Cinema, Brixton Reclaim the Food)

Meeting 10am, starting 10.30

After arriving in Croydon (12ish) we have refreshments and go for
a little tour around Croydon centre to visit the wonderful tourist
attractions of the UK Border Regime.

PS: people can either cycle back together in the afternoon (after protest
ended), or if people like they can take the bike for free on the train from
Croydon East (5min from protest area).

Details in the next two days ...


Inform, invite your friends, fix your bike, get ready, go!



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