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G8 International Day of Action / London Meeting

londonfete | 26.06.2008 22:05 | G8 Japan 2008 | Globalisation | Migration | London

Invitation to another London Planning Meeting

Sunday 29th June, 2(!)pm
Pullens Centre,
184 Crampton Street,
Elephant and Castle,

the return of the astronaut ... to croydon
the return of the astronaut ... to croydon

July 5th International Day of Action againt the G8

Get involved!

On the 5th of July 2008, people all around the world will protest
against the G8 summit 2008 in Japan. The G8 is a co-ordination for
the interests of Global Capitalism and the wealthy north who benefit
from it.

The 4th and 5th July 2008 will be your chance to take to the streets
and be part of a creative intervention in Croydon. Come together with
lots of other artists, activists and alternative astronauts, to create a
disturbance in the normal structure of time and space and show your support
for the protests against the G8 in Japan.
There will be a protest outside the Japanese Embassy in solidarity with
Activists in Japan on July 4th. (details follow)

Why Croydon? A London Fete?

Looking at institutions that could be somewhat equivalent for Britain to
what the G8 is for managing global capitalism, it seems like the Home Office
and its Border Agency fulfil a similar function in policing and disciplining
the movement of people.

The physical locations of the Home office is Croydon:

Lunar House, the nerve centre of the UK Border Agency, where people claim
asylum and where their claims are dealt.

Electric House, a reporting centre. Who goes in side may never come back -
they may be detained and deported. But failing to report can lead to deportation.
Both Lunar and Electric House contain detention facilities.

Apollo House, where data is collected and evaluated, in order to determine
which migrants are "useful" and allowed to stay or not and deported.

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