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Callout to any FIT watchers - SHAC rally July 12th

Fuck the Police | 25.06.2008 15:07 | SHAC | Animal Liberation | Cambridge

SHAC national march & rally coming up soon, the cops will no doubt be out and about intimidating everyone. Any FIT watchers going to the march?

It's the SHAC national march and rally in a few weeks, time to make ourselves heard and to show Huntingdon that SHAC will never back down. Even if corrupt lawyers and judges think it necessary to trample on our rights.

Based on the escalation of police activity recently as seen on the recent anti-war marches and the smash EDO carnival it can be assumed that Foward Intelligence (FIT) will be out and about intimidating protesters for this march too.

On that basis it would be good if we could get some people out and about documenting the police activity and if necessary confronting it head on by blocking their abilities to take photos with signs and banners.

If you don't know what someone from FIT looks like just look for the overweight coppers hanging around with the ridiculously oversized cameras.

The march and rally will be taking place in Peterborough July 12th meeting 11am at the Stanley recreation ground, with the protest heading off to the gates of HLS after the march.

Fuck the Police
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It's a tactic, not a group

26.06.2008 13:36

Fitwatching or Anti-FIT activity is a tactic. As I understand it, it is not a group to call out.
People / groups / demos etc will have to work out their own ways of dealing with it based on what has worked or not worked before:
has useful comments and further links