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Invitation to 2nd planning meeting of OpenSpace, London

OpenSpace | 20.06.2008 15:44 | Free Spaces | Migration | London

OpenSpace's second planning meeting will be on Tuesday 1 July 2008 – 7 pm

At NoID Gallery, 26 Calvert Avenue, E2

OpenSpace will be a weekly daytime space where asylum-seekers, activists, local people and anyone fighting immigration controls can gather to organise campaigns, share skills and resources or just hang out.

It is intended that OpenSpace is run by whoever uses it. Their own priorities will determine the activities and resources of the space. Upstairs a small room is available which can be used as a crèche, office space or library. Downstairs there is a larger shop front space which can be used for workshops, banner-making, political discussions, projects, language classes or a free shop. There is a small kitchen for cooking food and making tea and coffee and space to store things until the next session.

People reporting to COMMUNICATIONS HOUSE can come to the space before and after signing. They are welcome to leave details of friends, relatives or solicitors to be alerted if they are detained.

Anyone who would like to use the space or support it in other ways is invited to the planning meeting. We are hoping to launch OpenSpace in July (date tbc) but for that we need volunteers. Please come to the next planning meeting to make OpenSpace happen.

Email: openspace[at]

- e-mail: openspace [at]