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Arrests and police injuries at Bush demo

FUCK BUSH | 16.06.2008 16:30 | SOCPA | Anti-militarism | Repression | Terror War | London

Update from the 25 arrested, eleven people remain in custody and 11 others were released without charge.

So far two men have been charged with obstructing police and a 60-year-old woman has been charged with indecent exposure.

Scotland Yard said 10 police officers suffered minor injuries during a demonstration in Parliament Square yesterday.

Protesters however suffered a lot worse, not to mention the children wounded and murdered by bombs dropped on them by Bush-Brown led wars - who the police were protecting.

Obviously if they had just let everyone march like was planned then it wouldn't of happened. Maybe they will learn from this lesson, maybe they won't.



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British police are fascist scum!

16.06.2008 18:03

Of course the police would not agree to let anti-war demonstrators march down Whitehall, that is their job to act act as fascist stormtroopers. The police have always acted against the people as a fascist strike force to crush dissent from the 1926 General Strike to the 1984 Miners Strike to the 1990 Poll Tax Riot.

Class War

pc comment

16.06.2008 21:54 in Vaders 501st.....Thankyou for the compliment.

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actually they did used to "allow" this

17.06.2008 05:36

Not so long ago it was the norm for protests to be allowed right outside Downing Street and throughout central London. As recently as the 1990s Reclaim the Streets / Liverpool dockers demonstration, protesters could march right up to the gates of Downing Street (before this there were no gates) and on this demo they also got inside some of the ministries. It's only recently that the totalitarian fascist/Stalinist idea that state elite spaces are out of reach to the masses has become fashionable.

“Chris Allison, Deputy Assistant Commissioner at Scotland Yard, said: "We are seriously disappointed by the irresponsible and criminal action of those who have challenged police, physically ripping apart security barriers with the sole aim of breaching security in Whitehall" (Geoff Caddick/AFP/Getty Images)”
(The Times, June 16 2008)

Also shocking (along with the usual police violence): police are whining about protesters! This was not an especially extreme demo, just some pushing and shoving, and they're talking like we hacked their heads off. They are coming out with exactly the same rhetoric as if they'd been under a hail of Molotovs. It just goes to show they will come out with this same shit whatever happens.

Standing up to police violence. “Criminal”? Not in a society which recognised basic rights. “Irresponsible”? The people are not responsible to the state! “Breaching security”? Basic rights can only come when “security” is limited by actualised rights.

fuck pigs fuck pigfuckers