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Breaking News // Animal Rights Activists Being Held by Security MRC Harwell

WARN | 16.06.2008 15:48 | Animal Liberation | Oxford

Three activists from the West Country have been locked inside a dog unit at MRC Harwell in Oxfordshire by security.

We received a phone call only minutes ago from a group of activists who have been locked inside a dog unit at MRC Harwell after they entered onto the site for a look around.

They were then spotted by security when they tried to leave and have been locked inside a building and they were told the "atomic police" had been called.

More information as and when we know what's happening...

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All activists released...

16.06.2008 17:05

We have just heard that all activists have been released after having details taken by police.

If any further action is taken by the police we will keep everyone updated...

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