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McDonalds redecorated for Sean Kirtley & UCLA van torched

Direct Action | 13.06.2008 17:00 | Stop Sequani Animal Testing | SOCPA | Animal Liberation | Climate Chaos | Ecology | World

anonymous communiques:

"McDonalds in South Yorkshire had their toilets redecorated with 'Free Sean Kirtley' posters and 'McDonalds=McMurder' (Sheffield & Barnsley restaurants)

Till all are free..

PS: Some SUVs at a garage on Ecclesall Rd, Sheffield, needed their paintwork redoing after a little redecoration in Jeff Luers!"

Sean Kirtley:
Jeff Luers:


"At the start of last week, in Irvine, CA, a van owned by UCLA went up in flames.
For all of those affected you have the UCLA primate vivisection program to blame.
It is unacceptable for us to see, hear, and know what is going on in our animal labs without taking action. Every time we pass someone like Arthur in the hallways and have to witness his stomach churning grin or watch Joaquin double checking the door locks on his little red Mercedes we have to choke back a crippling amount of disgust and hatred. It is becoming almost impossible to hold back. Then we hear the monkeys wailing and screaming and we find the strength to stay put. We are driven to show the world the compassionless support that UCLA gives to these monkey killers and to do anything we can to end the needless suffering that the primates are forced to face. The end of UCLA vivisection is coming. We urge you to start switching over to non-animal protocol without haste.



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