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Notts Stop the BNP: Public Meeting

Notts Stop the BNP | 13.06.2008 15:43 | Stop the BNP's Red White and Blue festival | Anti-racism | Social Struggles

Nottinghamshire Stop the BNP are holding a public meeting on Tuesday June 17, at the International Community Centre, 61b Mansfield Road (map) at 7.30pm.

BNP not welcome here!
BNP not welcome here!

On Tuesday June 10, Amber Valley Borough Council met to consider the licence application for the BNP's Red White and Blue "festival", planned to be held in Denby, Derbyshire August 15-17.

Concerned about the mobilisation against this event and fearing confrontation between the two sides, Derbyshire Police reversed their original position and decided to oppose the licence unless a number of stringent conditions (including the erection of a seven foot-high fence around the site and the installation of security lighting) were imposed.

In the face of this, the BNP withdrew their licence application and stormed out of the meeting, at which point the licensing panel adjourned. This is not the end of the matter, however. The BNP are still telling everyone and anyone who’ll listen that they’re going ahead with the event. They might try reapplying for a licence or just carry on regardless. Either way there’s a clear need to continue building the campaign against the festival.

To this end, Notts Stop the BNP are holding a public meeting to discuss what can be done to stop the festival and the BNP. Speakers will include an anti-BNP activist from Huddersfield attacked and seriously injured by racist thugs as well as an activist from the campaign against the Red White and Blue festival.

All anti-fascist welcome.

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