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Red White & Blue festival - Licence Refused

lumsk | 10.06.2008 23:12 | Stop the BNP's Red White and Blue festival | Anti-racism

Amber Valley Council refuse red white & Blue festival licence

Anti-fascist protestors turned up tonight at Ripley, on the Derbyshire/Nottinghamshire border, to oppose the granting of the licence for the Red White & Blue festival in August 2008.
Despite very heavy policing, the police inside stated their case overwhelmingly AGAINST the granting of the licence siting the very valid reasons that they feared a massive confrontation between fascists & anti-fascists during the 'festival'. Cops also said that they would only allow the licence if the bnp erected 10 foot, solid metal fences, (such as those seen @Glastonbury), with floodlights, plus badged security personnel per 100 attendees.
Alan Warners gorilla-like personal security guard, 'sweaty' Clarke, then went on to accuse the police present at the hearing to be pro left wing & in the pay of anti-fascists, (!)(a surprise to the anti-fascist demo outside who were being penned in by Derbyshires finest, the apparently new left-lovin' local force & the attending 'anarchists in training' fit team who were busy following antifa activists around...).
Shortly afterwards, the bnp announced that their tails were now so far up their arses that they'd have to leave the meeting before hearing the full decision & that Alan, 'it's my party and I'll cry if I want to', Warner, would have the festival anyway.

bnp supporters who turned up tonight outside the hearing, all 5 of them, had in their company, Nina Brown, Broxtowe bnp/Voice of Change parish councillor who interestingly, when asked where Sadie Graham was, told us that Sadie, former darling of the bnp, was now 'one of us'. What can she mean? Surely she wasn't opposed to the red white & blue was she?

Licence denied!

Yet another victory.

And yes Alan, we have got your flag, in case you wondered where it was.....

By the way, there won't always be a riot van parked outside your house like there was tonight....... We'll see you in August! ....If not before.....



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