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Red White Blue Festival licence refused

Lumsk | 10.06.2008 21:43 | Stop the BNP's Red White and Blue festival | Anti-racism

This evening Ripley council refused the application for the Red White and Blue festival.

The BNP got a sharp kick in the teeth onece again this evening. The Amber council sitting in Ripley Town hall, refused the application for a licence to hold the RedWhite and Blue festival in Denby Village in August.
Locl residents and Objectors from round the country turned out to the Council chambers to oppose the fascists. At least 40 police and fit team made a cordon to keep left and right apart.
Durring the application the police stated that due to the obvious confrontation that would ensue between left and right during the gathering they were opposing the event, unless a Glastonbury style 10 feet high wall is errected with floodlights and so many badge security per 100 attendees.
The BNP spat their dummies well and truly out on the floor and stormed out. Alan Warner the Denby Parish councilor former tory and BNP convert who has hosted the event in the past scurried away with his body gaurd Clarke in tow.
Clarke in his ill fitting suit, whilst sweating profusely claimed loudly to the council that the police were clearly in cahoots with the left.
Members of the BNP whilst hiding behind their children at the front of the town hall looked on in despair at yet another victory for local residents and the Nottingham Stop the BNP and anti fascists across the country.



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