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Campaign to raise awareness of 350ppm C02 target

Chris | 06.06.2008 22:24 | Climate Chaos | Ecology | Sheffield | World

The implications of James Hansen and co's paper, Target CO2: Where should humanity aim? and it's supporting documentation, are probably not yet well known, though it did make the front page of The Guardian,

A campaign has now been launched to raise awareness of this target -- currently we have over 380ppm of CO2 and it's going up faster than ever before -- Postcard Campaign Postcard Campaign

There is an interview with one for the organisers of the campaign on Global Public Media:

The Reality Report interviews Jamie Henn of, a creative new initiative formed following the scientific understanding that atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations need to be reduced to at most 350 parts per million.


See also the Climate Code Red book and audio from earlier in the year -- this is essential listening and reading:

And James Hansen's site:

And the article on Real Climate on James Hansen's paper, Target CO2:

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