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Free Food and Guerrilla Gardening!

Viv Veg | 03.06.2008 12:12 | Animal Liberation | Climate Chaos | Free Spaces | Liverpool

Free vegan event organised by Manchester Animal Protection and Manchester Climate Action as part of the international day of climate action against the food industry..

On Sunday 1st Manchester Animal Protection and Manchester Climate Action
held a free vegan picnic in Piccadilly gardens..

We gave away lots of delicious food, and seedlings, including aubergine
plants and peppers! Much of the food was donated, some of it was skipped.
We hung banners and had placards...

The overall response was really positive, despite the rain! Lots of
people came and talked to us for a long time, and the council even sampled
some of our tasty snacks!

We did some guerrilla gardening in Piccadilly gardens, an area which is
increasingly less like a gardens every; planting everything from
courgettes to rosebushes!

We also took our snacks into Burger King, Starbucks and Cafe Nero, offering
customers free cake (and propaganda!)..

Similar events happened across the north in cities like Liverpool and

This event was organised as part of the day of action on food and climate
change, which is happening today (3rd June)...actions and events are
happening over the next few days...more to follow soon!


To get involved in events like this in the future, email

Hopefully it will be the start of more combined events with MAP/MCA!

Viv Veg
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