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Ready Steady Skip: Trailer and website launched!

Ready Steady Skip | 02.06.2008 23:22 | Analysis | Climate Chaos | Globalisation

Ready Steady Skip - the game show where needlessly wasted food is recovered from the bin and turned into delicious dishes before your very eyes!

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for:

Ready Steady Skip is a bit like "Scrapheap Challenge" meets "Ready Steady Cook" - skipping for food and whipping up some tasty dishes, with plenty of hilarity (and people diving into skips).

Every year over 17 million tons of food are put straight into landfill sites, yet over 4 million tons of this is perfectly edible and still well within it's sell-by date. A whopping 5 million tons of food are wasted annually by consumers alone: that is, more than a quarter of all food we buy goes into the bin. It's high time this insanity stopped!

Skipping (aka. "Dumpster Diving") is all about reclaiming perfectly edible food "waste" from the jaws of an insane system founded on greed, and making good use of it.

We've launched the Ready Steady Skip trailer and website to coincide with the Days Of Climate Action food day (3rd June 2008), which is highlighting the fact that the food we eat contributes up to a third of the emissions that are poisoning the planet. When you consider the amount of food that is just thrown away, it brings home how needless this lunacy is. Nobody ever need go hungry - yet people still starve every day.

The programme was shot here in Nottingham at the beginning of March, and the full episode will be released online in July 2008. We're also trying to organise a screening (and possibly even another contest) at the Climate Camp.

Keep an eye on our website for updates!

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Ready Steady Skip
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