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Talks & Discussion: Academia & "Terror"; Moazzam Begg & more..

Nottingham staff and students | 02.06.2008 21:40 | Education | Repression | Social Struggles | Terror War

Hosted by Nottingham Student Peace Movement, this event aims to discuss and respond to the violation of academic freedom, erosion of civil liberties and encroachment of 'terrorism' measures, as illustrated by the recent incident at the University of Nottingham.

Anti-terror measures and Islamophobia: The real threats

Wednesday 4th June 4 - 6 pm

Room B63, Law & Social Sciences
University Park, University of Nottingham


- Moazzam Begg (ex-Guantanamo Detainee and author of ‘Enemy Combatant’)
- Helen Bowler (National Executive of UCU)
- Rob Owen (National Executive of NUS)

In the wake of the arrest and detention of two innocent people at the University of Nottingham under ‘terrorism’ legislation, this event aims to raise, discuss and respond to the academic freedom, civil liberties and human rights issues that have been brought into question.
The recent incident at the University of Nottingham is a worrying precedent for academia in the UK. Neither of the two people arrested had done anything wrong or broken laws in relation to ‘radical materials’, or ‘terrorism’ or any such thing. They have been subjected to a traumatic and intrusive ordeal simply for following their normal academic pursuits.

Anti-terror laws have penetrated the hallways of academia. Researchers now openly admit to self-censorship to avoid unwanted police attention and when such laws are employed they invariably target young Muslim men. Has the 'War-on-Terror" mind-set proved more of threat to our rights and freedoms than terrorism or is it necessary to take these drastic and damaging steps to ensure the safety of innocent civilians?

What are the implications and ramifications for all those in academia? How will a climate of fear and suspicion impact upon academia? What does this mean for society? How can we best respond?

The speakers will be followed by a discussion aiming to explore the issues and concerns that this incident has created.

Nottingham staff and students
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Can someone record it...?

02.06.2008 21:53

Some mp3's of the presentations and the discussion would be great if that is possible... :-)

Here is a talk by Moazzam Begg from last December -- he is a very good speaker: