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TU Certification Office investigating Solidarity

Lancaster Unity | 29.05.2008 18:14 | Anti-racism | Repression | Social Struggles | London

Criminal charges to follow?

Some time ago we were made aware that the trades union Certification Officer was at last actively investigating several complaints made against the BNP/Patrick Harrington version of the fake union, Solidarity.

The complaints were made by members of the original, official Solidarity Executive, sidelined by Harrington and Nick Griffin when the union was effectively hi-jacked last year, and more recent complaints have been made by supporters of the Unity and allied websites who were concerned that the Certification Officer might be tempted to avoid involvement, given the complexity of the case presented and the veritable viper-pit of personalities involved.

The website of the Certification Officer now carries the following notice...

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On the road to nowhere

02.06.2008 06:43

Solidarity accounts are prepared by a professional accountant and then audited. This investigation will go nowhere. It is a pointless waste of public money which will just confirm what our General Secretary has said all along. The traitors who have made these vexatious complaints will end up looking like fools.

Art of War

Report of the Certification Office into allegations

02.12.2008 13:48

The Certification Office have recently published their report at:-

Art of War