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EarthFirst! Summer Gathering, Aug 27 - Sep 1, Norfolk

EF! | 26.05.2008 13:58 | Analysis | Ecology | Free Spaces

Worried about how the planet is getting trashed? Wanna do something about it?
Five days of workshops, skill sharing and planning action, plus low-impact living without leaders. Meet people, learn skills, take action!

EF! is about direct action to halt the destruction of the Earth. It's about
doing it yourself rather than relying on leaders, governments or industry.
Direct action is at the heart of it, whether you're standing in front of a
bulldozer, shutting down an open-cast mine or ripping up a field of GM crops.

We're a loose network of people, groups and campaigns coming together for
ecological direct action.

Join us for 5 days of workshops, networking and planning actions, run without
leaders by everyone who comes along. The gathering is also a practical
example of low-impact eco-living and non-hierarchical organising.

What's happening?
Over 80 workshops, discussions, planning, strategy and 'where next' sessions

* Share and learn skills for shit hot actions.
* Network current campaigns against ecological destruction: open-cast mining,
genetic engineering, agrofuels, dam-building, hunt-sabbing, climate actions,
pipeline resistance, anti-nuclear campaigning and much more.
* Think about eco-centric ethics and alternatives to the corporate world of
greed and exploitation.
* Find strategies on how to bring about radical change.
* Practical skills for ecological restoration and sustainable living.

Find out more and join in!

Email us if you can offer a workshop, or would like posters and leaflets to

- e-mail: summergathering[at]
- Homepage: