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Will General Petraeus betray us?

Tony Gosling | 23.05.2008 14:47 | Analysis | Iraq | Terror War | World

We've all heard of the US 'Defcon' system of war readiness. But what about here in the UK, do we have a similar system or just do what the US tell us to? Come to think of it are we citizen/subjects even allowed to know what defence condition we are at? Is it considered an official secret covered up in the interests of 'National Security'? With the new boy nut case Petraeus in charge of the US Military.......

General David Petraeus
General David Petraeus

Planned US Israeli Attack on Iran: Will there be a War against Iran?
......The appointment of General David Petraeus to the Head of U.S. Central Command (USCENTCOM) has served to neutralize potential opposition within the US Armed Forces. It reinforces Vice President Cheney's ability to order an attack and ensure that the Military will fully support the Bush administration...........
............We are at the crossroads of the most serious crisis in modern history. These war plans coincide with a parallel process of economic restructuring and a deepseated Worldwide economic depression. War and globalization are intimately related processes. The militarisation of the Middle East and Central Asia supports the extension of the global "free market" system into new frontiers.
In turn, the war has heightened the economic crisis. The civilian economy is collapsing, overshadowed and undermined by the dynamic growth of the military industrial complex, which in a very real sense produces "weapons of mass destruction. In turn, the concurrent hikes in the price of crude oil, in the price of basic food staples, through speculative activities on major commodity exchanges have contributed to impoverishing millions of people.

Here's a nice pic of Dick Cheney with him:-
Vice President Dick Cheney walks with General David Petraeus, Commander of U.S. forces in Iraq, upon arrival to Baghdad Wednesday, May 9, 2007. The Vice President began a trip to the Middle East with an unannounced visit to Iraq to meet with Iraqi officials and U.S. leadership.

Tony Gosling
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