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Cuba and protest

Toby | 22.05.2008 13:38

I wa sorry to see that the rumours are true and Indymedia UK really does either edit or hide posts about the UK based movements working to gain freedom for the Cuban people. My original post was here
but that has been heavily edited so I have repeated the information below.

Our group is commited to a peaceful transition to democracy in Cuba where the Cuban people will choose their leaders not other countries.

We have been in exisitence since March 2003 and we work works with student, underground journalist and activist groups in Cuba. Or website is here. www** or if you wish please email on the address below, I will be happy to help.

There is a regular and growing protest outside the Cuban Embassy in London every * * evening starting at **pm. Do please come along and show the embassy staff that we will not stand aside as they imprison political prisoners and the Castro family lives in luxury while ordinary Cubans struggle to buy even basic commodities.

- e-mail: T*