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ALF Foie gras actions (2007 - 2008)

Untilallarefree | 22.05.2008 13:15 | Animal Liberation | Ecology | Social Struggles | World

There are places that will not listen to reason, continue to support an industry illegal in the UK, and cause massive suffering to geese and ducks, and for a 'delicacy'.

It is clear that there are places that have no limits to what they will place on the menu.
They will not listen to protesters and campaigners, now they are having to deal with the Animal Liberation Front, as they are realising to their increasing cost.

What follows is a list of some of the actions reported to Biteback magazine. What is certain is that there'll be more where these came from.

"Last week a group of activists paid a visit to Wood Hall Hotel in
Linton, near York because they continue to supply their sick
customers with foie gras. Unable to resist we left them a calling
card on the long driveway to their country retreat, informing them
that we are watching them and will be back as long as they continue
to sell foie gras. As it was in foot high red paint all along the
road guests and staff alike could not miss the warning.

Wood Hall, this was just a reminder that we know you are selling
foie gras, and to demand you stop. Next time we will not be so

"In the early hours of the 2nd May, in anger at Bistro Number 5's continued sale of foie gras, Animal Liberation Front volunteers d-locked their front entrance, costing them hours of lost revenue for the following day.
It's high time they re-evaluated whether profiting from animal abuse really is good business!"

"Clifton Meats is a supplier of any number of animals that have been through the slaughterhouse and the intensive farming industry.

On a recent night in Leeds the gate was left unlocked, we walked in and slashed the tyres on the van that was parked up, and spraypainted anti foie gras and 'meat is murder' slogans on the sides.

Two locks on the premises were also superguled.

The next time we visit Leeds we'll be cruising the streets of the city and surrounding areas looking for more of your Clifton vans.

Dump foie gras!

Animal Liberation Front"

"Winteringham Fields produces 6,000 dishes of foie gras a year for their salivating customers. This sick obsession with the abuse of ducks and geese is fuelled by people like McGurran who insist that giving people the freedom to abuse is the right way to go about business.

Well, as of today, your diners will be realising the liability that serving up such a heinous dish can prove.
I suspect the owner of the nice car in the drive won't be going anywhere for a while, until they get four new tires, and when they do get rolling they'll be able to show off the new paint job.

'Foie gras hell hole' was also daubed over the restaurant windows.

When your customers are deciding to visit perhaps they'll consider that just one day, it could well be their vehicles getting the treatment. But, as we all know, that is NOTHING compared to the sheer hell that restaurants like Winteringham fields choose to inflict on ducks and geese.

Until the geese and ducks are free from the gavage sheds, we will take action,

Foie Gras Retribution Squad"

"In the early hours of Sunday morning, ALF activists arrived at Midsummer House. This disgusting restaurant, situated on Chesterton Road, Cambridge, continues to support the cruel foie gras industry by selling pate de foie gras.

By profitting from the torture of ducks and geese for an unnecessary and unhealthy 'delicacy', Midsummer House became a target for the ALF.

Slogans like 'Stop Selling Foie Gras' and 'Ban Foie Gras' were among those spray-painted on to the walls and windows of the building. Activists glued the locks and applied paint-stripper to door and window frames and varnished wood. Glass-etching fluid was also employed to damage the windows.

We hope this action will discourage Midsummer House from selling foie gras. Anyone who chooses several hours of scrubbing over a few minutes of altering a menu and calling a supplier really does need their head checking.

Until all are free, Keep on fighting.
Cambridge ALF"

"French Living restaurant, Nottinghamshire. "French living's most loyal customers (who eat there every single day) are also disgusted with the restraunts choice of putting foie gras on the menu."

"A flying visit to Direct Fruit Supplies (DFS) in Leeds led to gate locks and shutters being superglued shut. Spray painted messages were left for all to see.

DFS is a supplier of foie gras to the catering industry, and thanks to their website we have a list of their customers (some who sell this cruel product) and they will be contacted and given details of actions conducted by the Animal Liberation Front that have occurred in defence of ducks and geese that suffer this appalling fate, that is just in case the violent images of ducks being brutalised is not enough for them to think deeply about the companies they support."

"L'enclume support the foie gras trade by supplying this appalling product to their customers.
A simple message was spray painted and the windows had glass etching cream liberally applied.

There is no longer a need to explain any action against a supporter of this trade. It is a trade that is clearly unequivocally barbaric.

Expect to be a target.


"In a series of five raids, foie gras sellers in the North of Yorkshire were blitzed...

In the early hours of a recent morning, ALF activists visited the specialist importers and distributors of the sick 'delicacy' foie gras. The two cars in the driveway were paintstrippered, and then new spray paint was applied and all the tyres slashed.

To support and promote such appalling acts of violence and terrorism against animals, will always provoke a response from people who want to see an end to this disgusting trade.

Along with the grotesquely force fed fatgoose, with the 'naturally' diseased liver, the family butchers C & G Starkey received a well overdue visit. This establishment brags about how it can supply all manner of exotic meats to liven up any dinner table. There is nothing like dishing up suffering and abuse to bring joy to a table. On the menu at C & G's is foie gras and wild boar flesh, along with whatever your heart could possibly desire in the exploitation of animals. This place received a re-decoration and the locks and shutters and doors had superglue applied. They deserved more, much more.

Onto the Fig and Fennel in Wetherby, and this delicatessen, sitting in the middle of town, might have thought it would be free from retribution over its support for the sick foie gras trade. But no, spray paint was applied and again locks were glued. The profits from your delicacy of despair are being wiped out.

The Devonshire Arms at Bolton Abbey received a visit, car tyres were slashed and the hotel signs painted. I don't think your customers will appreciate your support for foie gras. Either that, or they rejoice in the abuse of animals. I don't think they were rejoicing on the morning we paid a visit.

The Rudding Park complex home of the Clocktower restaurant also took a hit. The heavy presence of security cameras protecting this hotel situated just outside Harrogate, left only one option... the golf course. Activists hit the golf course with garden forks and proceeded to dig up the greens. And such nice greens they WERE too. Spray paint was also applied to the putting surface, and then the signs outside were given a fresh paint job.

These actions were dedicated to the end of industrialised farming, we'll be there, as you continue down the route of self destruction, every step of the way.


"A visit to Leeds in the early hours of this morning led to customers of Haleys Hotel getting a taste of what is to come when supporting places that sell foie gras.

The cars of three vehicles, including a 4x4 had the tyres slashed, and an uncompromising message was sprayed over the back of another.

No matter what business you visit that sells foie gras, if you are a customer of that business then expect your (alleged) property to be shown contempt.

There is no place in the UK or anywhere for the support of this utterly abhorrent trade.

'Our' government supports the import of foie gras due to fear of breaching the sickening liberal trade laws they signed up to, government has been shown yet again to fail us and animals. Now is the time to move against this trade, to rid the UK of foie gras and bring it to an end.

Check out the undercover footage and take action!

Animal Liberation Front'

"The Hare and Hounds Inn support the sick foie gras trade by supplying foie gras to their customers, they received numerous spray painted messages on their walls and windows.

Make the choice!


"A restaurant in the North West of England recently became a target for the Animal Liberation Front. The restaurant was spraypainted and had it's locks glued, which then became irrelevant as the windows were put through...

The reasons for hitting the foie gras industry are well known, if you choose to take part in foie gras, then choose to partake in the consequences.


Many of the places that received a visit have stopped selling foie gras. There can be no excuse for the extreme treatment of sentient beings. They need to be held to account for their actions.



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Great news

22.05.2008 13:41

Well done to all involved here, this has made me feel wonderful and fluffy on a cold afternoon in Scotland. Now we must go further to prevent all animal brother related foods being sold or consumed. It is obvious the UK population will not adopt a Vegan lifestyle without being forced to do so. As that is the case what are we waiting for ?


Nice collection

22.05.2008 15:36

So far hundreds of restaurants have dropped foie gras from aboveground campaigners so its always nice when the ALF are helping to speed things up. Keep them coming!!

ALF Supporter

ALF vs Foie Gras - 1 Year Anniversary!!

22.05.2008 16:29

Nice year on and its nearly all gone!



25.05.2008 09:37

This and other "ALF" pieces make me really sad. Why are you so proud of presenting yourselves as quasi military bullies? Most of the British public disapprove of and do not eat foie gras, you could be representing them but instead, when you're not threatening people in terms which sound very close to state power tactics, you come across like a bunch of infantile boasters. I've been a vegan for ten years by the way.


Inspiration, encouragement, analysis & respect

26.05.2008 15:19

[[Enter David Brent quote here]]

For all those that risk their lives to save lives - simple.


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