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Coal Cleaners at E.ON - The Film.

Iggy | 22.05.2008 11:15 | Climate Camp 2008 | Climate Chaos | London

The Coal Cleaners are a service recently contracted by E.ON to clean their coal. Using a mix of false capatalist solutions and good old fashioned elbow grease the cleaners went to work on May 1st, as part of the . The cleaners are available for hire; look for them on

The Coal Cleaning Company launched their enterprise with E.ON as their first customer. According to the chatty cleaners, “There’s no mess too big! We make coal Fossil Fuel Fresh ™”.

The climate activists targeted E.ON for their promotion of ‘false capitalist solutions’ to climate change. E.ON is exploiting the idea of a future Carbon Capture and Storage system to justify building a new coal fired power station at Kingsnorth - where the utopia of low-impact living // education // high-impact direct action that is the Climate Camp will spring up this August.

CCS requires up to 40% more coal per unit of electricity than coal generation without CCS. So more coal needs to be burnt; increasing the overall pollution caused. It also neglects to address the wider problems of over consumption or deal with coal’s other social and environmental impacts. 07880 937511 for national updates


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