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Mill Road Social Centre Open Meeting this Friday 7 PM

PB | 21.05.2008 16:56 | Free Spaces | Cambridge

The Mill Road Social Centre is taking shape in the space of the former Wilco building. The building and the parking lot have been cleared and cleaned, and furniture brought in. A film corner, a kids' corner, a cafe area and a workshop area are being set up.

There will be an open meeting this Friday, 23 May, from 7 PM, where everyone is welcome to bring ideas about which activities, workshops, events, etc. they would like to see happen in the social centre, and to have a look around.

Of course, you don't have to wait until then to pop in and see all the work that has been done so far, and is being done as we speak, and if possible lend a hand, or donate anything that contributes to a successful social space. Donations so far have included kids' toys, a flower pot, food, a juicer, mugs, and many other things.



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16.06.2008 11:03

Mill Road has a web site -

There is also a portal site for UK Social Centres -

Mill Road Online
- Homepage: