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WominSpace Eviction, the story of a squatted social center in East London

Jaya Klara | 20.05.2008 11:46 | Free Spaces | Gender | London

The short-lived but infamous WominSpace Social Center by Mare Street was, after a successful resistance, and some weeks of tension, eventually evicted on the 9th of May.

For the past three months the WominSpace social center has hosted amongst other things, welding, stencil-making, herbal skill-share, feminist singing workshops, photoshop and piracy, and a women’s direct action group. There has been a DIY Womin’s Health weekend, regular café and kids space. The space has been open to all self-identified women and trans people and aimed to be respectful to each individual’s autonomy and experience.

Although we managed to resist the first eviction with wider support from friends and the North East London Squatters Network, we have now lost our house by the canal in East London.

Out of experiences with the WominSpace it was decided to form an anarcha-feminist collective, open to all self-identified women and trans people. If you want to be part of the early stages of forming this collective, get in touch:

Jaya Klara
- e-mail:


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london needs this

20.05.2008 13:01

Great that you are forming this collective on political women. I hope you get your hands on a new building soon!

see through the shite