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Antifa: shut down the the BNP festival

635 | 19.05.2008 20:23 | Stop the BNP's Red White and Blue festival

August 16th 2008. Mass action to close down the RWB festival.

Once again the BNP plan to hold their annual ‘Red, White & Blue’ festival, where fascists from all over the country, and beyond, gather to forge ties, plot racist attacks, sing songs about the ‘Third Reich’, and drunkenly fall about waving their handbags at each other.

We at Antifa are determined to do our best to spoil their fun. We will be organising a militant response to the BNP’s ScumFest, to be held in Derbyshire in August.

If you would like to join us please contact us at our national e-mail address and we’ll let you know about transport going from your area.



19.05.2008 20:32

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20.05.2008 08:28

You guys have got 2 hopes- Bob Hope and no hope. The police will be out in force and now thanks to your posting the Security people (who have infiltrated your group anyway, don't be naive) will be out to prevent any trouble.

How many years can you get for violent assault in jail now? 10 years maybe more. As much as you like to think you are brave anarchists fighting for a greater good, the sight of a few policemen and you'll be on your toes. Don't kid yourselfs, you are a bunch of small time hoods living in a squat, not the Red Army Faction.


Jimbo you're a comedian!

20.05.2008 08:59

No matter what happens Jimbo you can be certain of one thing...the Red White and Blue will be looking for a new location next year!



20.05.2008 09:15

fly Posters

This one is better

20.05.2008 10:16

R W B should be fun this year you fascist muppets.


Lots of people can cause huge problems for the BNP here

20.05.2008 10:54

everybody should show up with nice little plans and ideas for getting at the BNP and through the police lines. Groups should plan and think about this well in the future. Good luck everybody and see you there.

Fred West

International Antifa

20.05.2008 12:03

Have they been invited to come to this becaus am sure many will come if you want some more members.

Paul De Mare

Good on you!

20.05.2008 13:04

Unfortunately I can't make it, but when I am not with you physically, I am with you in spirit.
Give them a good kicking from me.


Lets get em, though remember they will try & use kids as fodder just like hitler

21.05.2008 07:28

just like Hitler used brainwashed 10yr olds to defend his bunker to the last. The BNP will no doubt try to say we are threatening children they will bring along to their perverted festival. We must be very careful & not allow them to provoke us, any provocatuers or pisshead indiscipline in our ranks cannot be tolerated.
We can make life extremely difficult & shut down the festival without violence though if they attack let them tremble from our wrath.
They are child murdering torturing scum, apparently one of their leaders nazi heros who experimented on kids in death camps is still holding out in Chile, no doubt drinking with Pinochet family& toasting niave Maggie Thatcher the nazi ass kisser.
Ps Fred West get lost, stop trying to be a smart troll & limp back to your paedo child torturing worshipping masters cellar in Wales

Green Mack


22.05.2008 16:48

why do we have to lie so much like" child murdering and torturing " everyone knows this is a lie and it makes us look foolish and childlike. the enemy must piss themselves.also it makes us look like a bunch of schoolchildren /keyboard warriors.

kim maguire

Nazis murdered kids on mass scale,BNP leadership still worship Hitler as exposed

23.05.2008 22:14

1of nazi deathcamp"doctors"has just been tracked down to chile. The BNP leadership still worship Hitler as exposed by many documentaries. Get real have you ever had to confront the C18 face2face?, they are ugly mugs. The BNP maybe pissing themselves, because we are uncovering their perverted lies whilst effectively fighting for freedom

Green Mack

I spoke2family members with 1st hand experience of babies skulls smashed in

23.05.2008 22:24

Get real Miss Maguire, we need to get people out of there armchairs &on the frontline defend society against these scumbags, you are far too layed back no wonder nazis are still allowed to wonder around. Iam sick of us having these unecessary debates, lets just send them back to mordor& get on with life!

Green Mack


24.05.2008 04:09

I have a feeling the "child torturing" remark came about because the troll is using the name "Fred West", apparently borrowed from a convicted child torturer and murderer? But yes, there's also plenty of evidence linking Nazis to this kind of stuff.



25.05.2008 11:14

i just think it makes us look like liars ,sorry i dont mean to argue but i have heard ordinary people not assosiated with any political viewpoint laughing at things we say like this.i would rather debate about todays politics and call the enemy for what they are not for something that happened 80 years ago we need to change the way we attack them. otherwise we will not be listened to and always be a very small minority .we need to rethink our stratagy.

kim maguire


25.05.2008 22:44

"Get real Miss Maguire, we need to get people out of there armchairs &on the frontline defend society against these scumbags, you are far too layed back no wonder nazis are still allowed to wonder around. Iam sick of us having these unecessary debates, lets just send them back to mordor& get on with life" quote
just out of curiosity send them back where..... all of the right wing scum are british so where do we send them? also "mordor"do ya mean all the bnp scum are going out to kill people tomorrow surely if this keeps happening it would be in the papers ....this is what i am referring to as lies ..our side keep saying . it makes us look so stupid we are laughable we have to progress beyond lying and the we will move forward.
green mac just out of curiousity how old are you??

kim maguire


27.05.2008 22:27

Green Mack, Hitler brainwashed ten year olds to protect his bunker did he? No wonder he lost the war ay?

Red Mack

stop the cowards

05.06.2008 12:28

i've always hated bully boys and it's great to see there's some resistance to this ultra Tory fest. When will the working class wake up and see the enemy for what it is? Nick Griffin a geeky toff with acres of land, only ever goes to a council estate if he's surrounded by cameramen and security.

I unfortunately can't make it but best of luck. It does make you wonder about the councillors who allow this to go ahead on their patch though? Who's pulling their strings? Still, let them answer to the voters when they see such a huge police bill...

yosser hughes

A very bad idea

03.08.2008 09:30

I think that if you attack an event with women and children attending you will:-
1. Lose public support
2. Get arrested
3. Provoke a very emotional and defensive response from the people you are attacking. Nearly everyone would fight tooth and nail if they thought their kids were in danger. There are thousands at this event. They are not all weaklings. Some can fight and are martial arts trained.

Why do you wish to get arrested or injured in a confrontation that will lose you support from ordinary people? If you hurt one child it will be all over their propaganda. You will look sick and twisted.

John Eastmore

Stop talking about child torture and hitler please

19.11.2008 13:14

Look if you believe that white supremacists worship the devil and rape and torture children please keep it to yourself. Can you not see that when nick griffin denies the holocaust and describes the 3 popular parties and murderers and paedophiles (he does), he completely ridicules himself, by doing similar things we do too.

We are united too stop racism, torture and peadophilea is not race specific and does not belong here. Do not forgot that there was a time not too far before when the BNP were affiliated with racist militant groups and carried out numerous attacks on the non white population, but now the tables have turned and we have a choice of how to fight this ideology - physically or mentally.

Physically is carries a great risk, but sometimes is needed. But what happens after, so the BNP decide enough is enough and call it day? Of course not is just makes the hard line even harder. The BNP does not need any help ridiculing itself and mentally we can keep them contained with continued pressure and the education of our children. The BNP are a dying breed now, do not forget that.

Trevor McDonald