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Antispe report from Veggie Pride march

antispe france | 18.05.2008 19:23 | Animal Liberation | Repression | World

anonymous communique (rough translation):

"At the end of the traditional Veggie Pride manifestation known as "Vegetarian and Vegan Pride" an attempt to occupy spontaneously occurred first in front of the restaurant and fast-food KFC located on the route of parade, then at McDonalds few metres further.

As antispeciesists and anticapitalists, we claim full responsibility for the pre-cited facts that have unfolded so far. We wanted to affirm our political will to end the hypocrisy of these companies: reflections of a system that requires human exploitation constantly renewed and the organized massacre of millions of animals in unbearable conditions.

We wish to clarify that these actions alone have been advocated by nonviolent direct action, through the occupation of restaurants and questioning employees and consumers using slogans.

The answer was not to wait: first the guards pushed the demonstrators violently, not hesitating to push the weakest. Then before Mcdonalds, after some horseplay with the guards, the police used tear gas indiscriminately on the demonstrators and other persons present, causing a movement of the crowd. All in agreement that it was an impressive police presence.

Afterwards the "forces of order" religiously mounted the guard at the McShit, pending the final dispersal of demonstrators.

We absolutely condemn this arbitrary violence, which only proves once again, if necessary, that the police are paid not to "protect people" but to protect the money, and therefore the exploitation of humans and animals!

For the attention of demonstrators, spectators, and others who stigmatize our actions by claiming that they would have given the police a pretext for gassing "women and children", and would be the result of "thugs" we maintain this recall:
That no aggression towards consumers, employees or security guards at the fast food companies took place.
That no furniture had been degraded.

In these circumstances, we advise these people to think obtusely about who once again made use of violence, against which, for what and wonder if the real violence is not the act of those who exploit human beings and kill animals using private property to justify their infamies? To ask who defends this fact to blows with batons and tear gas?

And finally wonder if revealing the violence and injustice of this system by the acts is not at least as effective as a single event.



signed: antispécistes"



"A la fin de la traditionelle Veggie Pride, manifestation de la "fierté végétarienne et végétalienne", une tentative d'occupation spontanée s'est produite tout d'abord devant et dans le restaurant "fast-food" KFC se trouvant sur le trajet du défilé, puis au MacDonald quelques mètres plus loin. En tant qu'antispecistes et anticapitalistes, nous revendiquons l'entière responsabilité des faits pré-cités qui se sont déroulés ce jour. Nous voulions affirmer notre volonté politique d'en finir avec l'hypocrisie de ces entreprises : reflets d'un système qui suppose l'exploitation humaine toujours renouvelée et le massacre organisé de millions d'animaux élévés dans des conditions insupportables. Nous tenons à préciser que lors de ces actions, seule a été préconisée l'action directe non-violente, à travers l'occupation des restaurants et l'interpellation des salariés et des consommateurs par quelques slogans. La réponse ne s'est pas faite attendre : tout d'abord les vigiles ont repoussé les manifestants violemment, n'hésitant pas à pousser les plus faibles à terre. Puis c'est devant le Macdonald, qu'après quelques bousculades avec les vigiles, la police a fait usage de gaz lacrymogène indistinctement sur les manifestants et autres personnes présentes, occasionnant un mouvement de foule. Le tout agrementé d'une présence policière impressionante. Après quoi les " forces de l'ordre " ont religieusement monté la garde devant le MacShit, en attendant la dispersion définitive des manifestants. Nous dénonçons cette violence absolument arbitraire, qui ne fait que prouver une fois de plus, si cela était nécessaire, que la police n'est pas payée pour "protéger les gens" mais pour protéger l'argent, et donc l'exploitation des humains et des animaux ! A l'attention des manifestants spectateurs, et d'autres qui stigmatisent nos actions en prétendant que celles-ci auraient donné à la police le prétexte pour gazer " des femmes et des enfants ", et seraient le fait de " casseurs ", nous tennons à rappeler : Qu'aucune aggression de consommateur, de salarié ou de vigile des fast-food n'a eu lieu. Qu'aucun mobilier n'a même été dégradé. En ces circonstances : nous conseillons à ces gens obtus de réflechir à qui, encore une fois, fait usage de la violence, contre qui, pour quoi et de se demander si la veritable violence n'est pas le fait de ceux qui exploitent des êtres humains, et massacrent des animaux en utilisant la propriété privée pour justifier leurs infamies ? De se demander qui défend cet état de fait à coups de matraques et de lacrymogène ? Et de se demander si finalement révéler la violence et l'injustice de ce système par les actes n'est pas au moins aussi efficace qu'une simple manifestation. ELEVAGE : ESCLAVAGE ! ABATTOIRS : BARBARIE ! EXPLOITATION HUMAINE, EXPLOITATION ANIMALE : MÊME LUTTE ! MÊME COMBAT ! signé : Des antispécistes"

antispe france


Picture from Antispeciesists at KFC

20.05.2008 18:48

antispe france
antispe france

From: gallery/v/veggiepride2008


Picture from antispe inside/outside McDonalds

26.05.2008 17:21

Confront - Occupy - Resist!



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From Paris Indymedia

18.05.2008 19:49

I take it, thanks for translating!


antispe britain
- Homepage:


18.05.2008 21:35

What is speciesism? Is swatting a fly speciesist? Killing a whale? To all animal rights types - please don't foist your ridiculous neologisms on the left in general; you discredit us.



18.05.2008 22:11

Why don't you just look up speciesism..?

"Speciesism involves assigning different values or rights to beings on the basis of their species membership."

That's from wikipedia for a start. There's no conspiracy that antispeciesists / vegan activists are trying to discredit the left or to "neologism". Is antifascism, antihomophobia or antisexism neologism?!?! Didn't think so. Despite the fact they came from the civil rights, suffrajets and gay liberation movements.

Racism, sexism, homophobia and speciesism are all forms of biogotry.
Smash hierarchical oppression!


Isms and Schisms? It matters not.

18.05.2008 23:49

Ultimately whatever you call it, so long as you can see plain as day that this pathetic system enslaves ALL of us, be we Human or otherwise, does it matter what ism or schism you fight it under, so long as you do something rather than nothing, because to do nothing is to short change all our futures, whatever species/sub genus/faction you happen to be.

Just try to remember not to lose sight of the bigger picture.

No pack drill...

The right day for such an action?

18.05.2008 23:59

I understand that veggie pride is an event where people stand together and proudly proclaim that they are veggie./vegans in a country that is mostly ignorant to such a lifestyle. It sounds like you have made the event turn into an aggressive demo and will probably give the event and therefore veganism bad press and will mean next year it will be tainted by big police hassle. If you want to be aggessive in balaclavas why don't you just join the army.

A token bit of agro on a demo does nothing for the animals but just makes the movement look like idiots. Animals or ego?


try anarchism

19.05.2008 00:08

whilst leftys continue to support the role of government bigotry will not end, if you support any party in the uk poltical system you support a form of oppression and suffering, that of people and animals.
leftys that cannot recognise the suffering that humans inflict on animals (human and non-human) should maybe consider changing their support and looking at the NF or BNP to brown nose.


Specious arguments

19.05.2008 11:49

If "Speciesism involves assigning different values or rights to beings on the basis of their species membership" and is wrong, then growing plants and fungi for food rather than eating humans or other animals is wrong. Bon Appetit!

Bunty Veg Lover

Re: Rupert

19.05.2008 15:39

Why is that you think they were wearing balaclavas? Were you there?

Occupying an office, business, supermarket or otherwise is not aggressive. But then again I'm not suprised that you didn't realise this as you didn't bother reading the article...

Rupert Watch


19.05.2008 22:13

Sorry, you're right. I skimmed the article and you're right to pick me up on that. When I saw Antispe action at the Shac march they were certainly masked up and being aggressive for no apparent reason.



20.05.2008 16:41

Real agression and violence lies in the environmental raping that takes place by fast food corporations. Not to mention hideous animal abuse and exploitation on a mass scale.

How can we compare an occupation of a restuarant to slicing open a living creature's throat? How can we compare civil disobedience to mass destruction of irreplacable forests?

We can't, because they are simply not comparable.

In solidarity! X

never you mind!