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Sequani trial stitch up

Tonto | 16.05.2008 23:40 | Stop Sequani Animal Testing | Analysis | Animal Liberation | Repression | Birmingham

The vindictive state twists the knife.

Although all defendants were overwhelmed by the kindness of so many people and reiterate their heartfelt thanks,it should be clarified that their travel expenses, covering over 18 months,remain the cause of considerable financial loss.
The presiding judge after being presented with the printout from *Indymedia;that referred to`all the defendants expenses were covered by the donations`, the judge rescinded his previous decision to allow the defendants travel expenses, therefore after two years since the arrests and the 18 weeks of the trial.Nothing ! One of the defendants is out of pocket to the tune of over £3,000 even when one takes off the donations so kindly made, bearing in mind this person was acquitted by a unanimous jury verdict,a first for a person charged under SOCPA s.145. Another two were acquitted and another two had a hung jury. The sentences for two males is to be at a later date,one is remanded in custody.
So the state spends 4 Million pounds + on a trial, but will not re-imberse travel expenses for
for the people not guilty of any crime. Justice. Huh!

*See Indymedia posting.:Support sequani six letter.



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