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More Murder at the gates of Europe

Tom | 11.05.2008 16:40 | Migration | Repression

Moroccan Border guards,have struck once again , we may remember the shootings in Ceutra and Melilla , While the European Union pays Morocco to guard Europe's Borders the naval patrols they finance last week deliberately sank a dinghy resulting in 36 dead . Once more this is the human cost of our governments' immigration policies . Immigration controls are now murdering people , The UK and International media is almost completely silent

> Moroccan troops 'drowned migrants'
> By Agence France Presse (AFP)
> Thursday, May 08, 2008
> MADRID: Moroccan soldiers deliberately sank a boat carrying would-be
> migrants trying to reach Spain, drowning about 30 people, survivors
> of the incident were quoted as saying by a Spanish newspaper
> Wednesday. El Pais quoted "at least five survivors" as saying
> between 29 and 33 migrants, four of them children, drowned off Al-
> Hoceima, northeastern Morocco, on April 28 after the soldiers
> punctured their inflatable boat. A Moroccan security source told AFP
> Monday that 10 migrants from sub-Saharan Africa had drowned when
> three vessels sank off Al-Hoceima on April 28. A Moroccan non-
> governmental organization quoted survivors as saying 36 had died. El
> Pais said the survivors were taken to the border with Algeria, and
> Moroccan authorities have tried to cover up the tragedy. Around 70
> migrants left Morocco at around 3:00 am on April 28 in a bid to
> reach Spain, the newspaper said. Two hours later, they came across a
> Moroccan naval vessel and soldiers approached the migrants in a
> motor launch. "One of the soldiers jabbed a knife into the rubber
> and told us 'now go to Spain if you want,'" El Pais quoted one of
> survivors, identified as Campos, as saying. "We tried to patch it up
> and we continued on with difficulty, but I think that we would have
> made it if they had not returned," said another survivor, Erick O.,
> a Nigerian fisherman who said his wife and 3-year-old daughter were
> among those who drowned. The launch returned and a soldier began
> threatening the migrants with a knife. "We asked them to take us
> back with them to Morocco because, with the boat in the state it
> was, it was almost impossible to continue," said Campos. "We begged
> them to look at our children and babies." A Moroccan officer then
> took the knife and "punctured the boat four times in different
> places," after which it sank in a few seconds. Another Moroccan
> launch came to help, El Pais said. - AFP



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