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Campaign Catering Comes to Coventry

Green Garden Cafe | 11.05.2008 12:02 | Animal Liberation | Education | Health | Birmingham

To encourage a climate-friendly and non-corporate approach to catering a new social enterprise is to launch in Coventry on Friday 23rd May.

Coventry celebrates National Vegetarian Week with the launch of The Green Garden Cafe, a social enterprise incorporating support and training for young and disadvantaged people, with a strong emphasis on education for a healthy lifestyle.

Promoting home grown, locally sourced and home made animal-free foods, the Green Garden Cafe will be offering pure vegetarian (ie vegan) catering for all parts of the local community, at indoor and outdoor events throughout the West Midlands.

Launch Event: 11am-4pm at The Foyer, Lower Holyhead Road, Coventry CV13AX (opposite Tin Angel Pub) with free vegan food samples and advice & support from Coventry Vegetarians and Vegans and young people from the Foyer will be helping around the event.

All welcome - come along to offer your support or to discuss your requirements for catering or training.

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