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Help kick Foie gras out of Bath for good - contact the sellers!

Bath Animal Action | 10.05.2008 21:55 | Animal Liberation

Foie Gras is nearly out of Bath - but we need your help to get rid of this sick 'delicacy' once and for all.

Foie Gras is the liver of duckas and geese who have been kept in battery conditions and force fed corn several times daily through a tube directely into their stomach until it has swollen to 10 times its natural size. The production of Foie Gras is banned in the UK, but can still be imported.
After a year long campaign, Foie gras has all but dissapeared from the menus of Bath resteraunts. One of the few resteraunts still selling has a history of violently and sexually assualting protestors. We will be protesting agsinst them late next week, but in the meantime, we need your help!
Please politley ring, e-mail, send a letter to, or visit owner Christophe at the following address.

11 Margaret's Buildings,
Tel: 01225 421251

Even if you are not from near Bath, you can help us remove this sick practice from Bath resteraunts by contacting the above address - together we can show that Foie gras is not acceptable in the UK.

Thanks for your support!

Bath Animal Action