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Tax Credit Office sacks Asian employee for heckling the BNP

Chelsea | 10.05.2008 14:48 | Anti-racism

An Asian employee has been sacked after colleagues at the Tax Credit Office in Preston complained he was an extremist for heckling the far right British National Party (BNP).

An Asian employee at the Tax Credit Office in Preston has been sacked after Tony Smith a fellow employee, complained that he was an extremist for heckling the BNP. Mr Smith said he saw Mr Ali at a protest on television heckling the BNP and submitted his complaint. Mr Smith also accused Mr Ali of supporting suicide bombers, (because he wore an Arabic headscarf) and said he wouldn't be surprised if Mr Ali came to work with a bomb strapped to his shoe. Mr Smith’s complaints were upheld by Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) and it was referred by Mr Ali to an employment tribunal. In November 2007, Mr Ali was called into an office by two senior HMRC mangers and asked to drop his complaint in return for promotion. The mangers inform him that disks had gone missing from HMRC offices and they could do without the bad publicity. Mr Ali refused and reported this matter to the police. He was sacked. The BNP announced they were delighted with HMRC decision to sack Mr Ali, who they described as a major thorn on the side of British nationalism.

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