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Eric McDavid sentenced to 19 years + 7 months..

eco defence = self defence | 09.05.2008 23:21

Eric was sentenced today to 19 years and seven months imprisonment. Words cannot explain the grief and shock we are all feeling. We ask that you keep him close to your hearts. Letters of support are needed now more than ever. We will post a more thorough update as soon as possible. As was stated numerous times in court by Eric's attorney, we intend to move quickly in filling an appeal. To get a sense of some of the legal issues that will be raised, please check the updates page ( for motions filled in preparation for sentencing. Again, please keep Eric in your thoughts and take a few minutes to send him a letter of support. Let him know that he is not forgotten and that we will all be here with him every step of the way, until he is finally home.

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20 years for thought-crime in the land of the free

10.05.2008 11:29

His lawyers argued a defence of entrapment. Entrapment to me is when a police officer pretends to be a criminal in order to provoke a criminal act in a sting opeation. This is far worse than entrapment. These federal agencies took over his life. Over years he was seduced by an older woman who was an undercover agent. She'd get arrested for violent behaviour and encourage Eric to do the same. The plots Eric is supposed to have talked about were the sole constructs of the agent.

The judge, the agent and the agents boss deserve slow, painful deaths. There was more liberty in 1950's US when the FBI was run by a cross-dressing Chekist.


Who is he/what did he do?

10.05.2008 11:32

vague post.



10.05.2008 12:07

He is a US college kid who was recruited by a volunteer FBI agent called Anna - an agent who had been accepted into the G8 protests in Scotland. He did nothing. In conversations with Anna, trying to impress her or just lying to her, he was eventually convinced to talk about sabotaging lumber mills and other corporate strip-miners.

The guy did nothing though. Apart from bullshitting a treacherous, slimey woman who was bullshitting him. At least Jeff Leurs had the satisfaction of torching three SUVs before he was sent to Siberia.


RIP american liberty

12.05.2008 11:52

This really is the end of the road for what are supposed to be hallowed American values; freedom, justice, fair treatment.
This belongs more in Nazi Germany than the USA