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Population Against Corporation: Benefit Cd for Shell To Sea Campaign

back2front | 07.05.2008 18:25 | Globalisation | Social Struggles | World

DiY label Front Cover Productions has just relased an archive CD as a benefit for the Shell To Sea Campaign.

Front Cover Productions would like to announce the release of “Population Against Corporation”, a compilation CD and 24 page booklet. The tracks on the CD are largely taken from the 20 odd releases put out by Front Cover Tapes back in the day when cassette culture was still vibrant, as a way of FC celebrating 20 years of involvement in DiY culture and as a fitting starting point to launch the new label. Front Cover started in 1987 publishing articles, zines, booklets and cassettes and has been at it ever since, on and off, following a strict DiY ethic and the anarchist theory of mutual aid.

The material on the CD consists of rare, hard to find and classic tracks, several appearing on CD for the first time including Internal Autonomy, Robb Johnson, Wat Tyler, Kismet HC, AOS3, Millions of Dead Cops, Chumbawamba, Active Minds, Back to the Planet, Oi Polloi, Citizen Fish, Spiny Norman Quartet, Dogfight, Disaffect, Four Sons of King Henry V, AK47’s, Amadan, The Apostles and Jimmy Saville’s Wheelchair, plus a vibrant remix of the Crass classic ‘Walls’ by Al. X.

In keeping with the tradition of the old label this CD is a benefit, in this case for the Shell To Sea campaign. Details of this campaign can be found at

If you would like a copy then email me for details. The cost is £7/€10/$16 postpaid. Payment can be by cheque (or well-concealed cash at your own risk) in the UK only. EU countries can send cash. US and international can send cash in US dollars (no coins) or pay online by PayPal. Sorry but due to considerable outlay I will not be able to trade on this project at the moment.

- e-mail: