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You can have your pigs back Boris

Harry R | 07.05.2008 11:36 | Anti-militarism | Repression

Boris Johnsons attempts to get more police back on the streets of London are being undermined as the Met freelance in Nottingham

The Met FIT team, not finding enough people to harrass in London, had a jolly day out in Nottingham yesterday. That good old waste of oxygen, Ian Skivens was amongst those on this freeby skive.

They were there to harrass the caring people of Nottingham who were peacefully protesting against the worlds second largest arms dealer, Heckler and Kock, whose offices in Nottingham sell arms all over the world.


Harry R


Named and shamed

07.05.2008 12:50

CO5494 Ian Skivens
CO5494 Ian Skivens

4551 Paul Mather
4551 Paul Mather

FIT Shits 1
FIT Shits 1

FIT Shits 2
FIT Shits 2

CO5494 Ian Skivens.
4551 Paul Mather.

We know who you are, and we've had enough of your shit.

A Notts FITWatcher


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  1. Photographer shown is Paul Mather, Staffordshire Police — fitwatcher
  2. Nice little earner. — Jolly Roger
  3. @ Jolly Roger — MonkeyBot 5000
  4. Praise — GfW