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Jury out to decide the fate of the Sequani Six (longest AR trial in history)

Stop Sequani Campaign | 07.05.2008 10:37 | SOCPA | Animal Liberation | Bio-technology | Repression | Birmingham

After Seventeen weeks of gruelling accounts and evidence none of which have proven that the defendants conspired to use illegal tactics to further the campaign against Sequani a verdict is expected at some point today.

We have heard the lies, we have heard the half truths, we have heard hearsay evidence being presented to the jury even though it fell outside the indictable period. We know about the judge being a self confessed hunter. So what justice for the Sequani Six?

With so many conflicting accounts and outright lies by those heavily invested in animal experimentation at Sequani and the government appointed protectors of the vivisection industry we can only assume that it is true that these activists are being fitted up in order to set a new president for activists targeting industry in the UK.

This is a modern day version of first they came for the animal rights activists. How long before your movement is affected by every changing movement specific SOCPA laws protecting those involved with GM / Arms Trade / Climate Change etc?

The simple fact is that the UK government can see people organising against the corporations that are destroying this planet and its inhabitants and they are starting a war against the right to organise and assemble. Divide and conquer would seem to be the tactic, the animal rights movement it’s not really my thing so what do we care?

We still would like answers, like why the press restrictions? Why, when gang land murderers are in other courtrooms in Birmingham Crown Court are the press allowed freedom to report yet when a groundbreaking case which has far reaching implications for ALL of our civil liberties is ongoing there is a media blackout? Why were the jury bussed in each day like they were at serious risk of animal rights terrorists getting to them? But witnesses and jury members for gang related murder cases or terror trials had no special circumstances.

We will let everyone know the second we hear anything, either way please raise a glass for our friends today and a huge thank you to everyone who supported the Six and sent us a messages during the longest animal rights trial in history.

Stop Sequani Campaign

Stop Sequani Campaign
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4:15pm Wednesday 7th May update

07.05.2008 18:46

Jury and defendants sent home in the Sequani trial.

No verdict came today.

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