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Notts Stop the BNP objection to BNP licence application

Stop the Red White and Blue 'festival' | 06.05.2008 17:48 | Stop the BNP's Red White and Blue festival | Anti-racism | Social Struggles

The BNP are planning on holding this year's Red White and Blue festival on land owned by party member Alan Warner in Denby, Derbyshire as they did last year. They have sought a premises licence from Amber Valley Borough Council for the sale of alcohol and the playing of music. The public consultation on this licence ended today.

Several concerned organisations, including Nottinghamshire Stop the BNP, lodged objections to this application, making a point of keeping to the limited terms imposed by licensing legislation. These objections, however, have been rejected, ostensibly because the organisations are not located within the affected area. Even where groups have been able to point to members living within the Amber Valley area, there objections have been rejected on the same basis. Notts Stop the BNP are currently investigating the possibility of appealing the council's decision. In the meantime, the objection they made is being placed in the public domain so that people can make their own judgements about the case it makes.

Regardless of the outcome of any appeals, the licence application will have to be considered by the council. Although the date of this meeting is currently unknown, the Stop the Red White and Blue campaign are already mobilising for a picket and encouraging those opposed to the BNP to join us.

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If some people started

06.05.2008 18:43

sending letters giving them a heads up that they might be inviting dozens or hundreds of anti-fascist protesters to their quiet little area, that might motivate them to properly consider public safety and find a reason not to grant the license. Give it a go, wherever you are in the country.


I used to temp in a council licensing department

07.05.2008 19:28

Make sure any objections are phrased in terms of the "Licensing Objectives".

* the prevention of crime and disorder
* public safety
* the prevention of public nuisance
* the protection of children from harm

If you don't, the council will throw them out. I saw completely valid objections ignored because they weren't phrased in those terms. They also have to be in the name of someone who lives close enough to be affected.

However, if it comes to a hearing, the people who are objecting can choose anyone they want to present their case, it doesn't have to be a lawyer.

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