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Message from SHAC: May Raids Anniversary

SHAC | 02.05.2008 19:27 | SHAC | Animal Liberation | Repression | South Coast | World

As I'm sure you're all aware, it was recently the year anniversary of the May 1st raids. Where over 30 people's right to stand up against Huntingdon Life Sciences was stolen from them.

Novartis HQ smashed & painted during HLS march in Barcelona
Novartis HQ smashed & painted during HLS march in Barcelona

The police and the government need to realise that they will never stop this campaign. The national march and rally on Saturday 26th April was amazing, with so many compassionate people out there fighting, bringing those animals destined for HLS one step closer to freedom.

Along with the amazing March in Spain, really showing Novartis what bussiness with Huntingdon is like, ( and the other World Day marches in Ireland, New York, France and numberous other countries.

This campaign cannot run without those passionate people out there, naming and shaming the scum who keep HLS in bussiness.

Over the years there have been litterally hundreds of companies which have dropped Huntingdon, largely due to public protest. Every one of those companies which dropped HLS has brought them one step closer to closing for good.

There are animal activist groups in almost every county in the UK, and in countries all over the world.

If you would like to get involved with bringing animal abuse closer to an end, then please email to find out about the activist group in your area.

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All going on abroad

06.05.2008 09:44

It's significant that you use a picture from Spain and not the more recent SHAC National as that was a tea party.
The fact is its too hot in the UK currently and we need to concentrate efforts abroad.

SHAC International

Happy anniversary

07.05.2008 14:30

Good riddance, keep your anti-science idiocy abroad please

Oh, and it's spelled "Business"

thanks :)

mail e-mail:


08.05.2008 16:27

I take it "SHAC International" does a lot of protesting abroad then because they're very well informed. about international demos, lol. In fact they're probably so well informed that they know that there were no UK activists invited to the SHAC European Tour this year because they cause too many all this "tea party" bullshit is just drama from behind a computer screen!

Nobody's going to thank you for turning up and acting like arseholes, and to be honest the British have a bad enough reputation as it is...and as most European countries demand that demos get authorised in advance if you lot turn up and kick off then you'll screw up their ability to get authorisations later, which will alienate them from UK campaigns altogether.

I heard about the "Autonomous Bloc" at the SHAC National in the UK, and you achieved what exactly? You didn't even keep your masks on for the entire march ffs! Personally I won't be surprised if you all get picked up under SOCPA for it your likelihood of even getting to AR2008 is pretty low. Really you'd have thought that with the climate in the UK you'd be avoiding getting involved in that sort of crap, let alone "planning" something abroad.

I can tell you now, if you ever came to my country and kicked off you wouldn't be welcome you just keep sticking up pictures of people in leather jackets and acting like hooligans because that really helps the campaigns doesn't it?!!

Foreign Activist