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Riseup! Radio #4 The May Show – Get in there!

Riseup! Radio Crew | 01.05.2008 08:11

Ahoy there Landlubbers! Get ready to tune in to another baddy chasing, wind generating, solar cooking edition of your Riseup! Radio. This month we're on hand to mop up the neon green-wash from the doorstep of power giants E-On. You can hear about the situation in Zimbabwe as we interview a Notts-based MDC activist, and we talk to Aran from Transition Nottingham about preparing for a descent of our energy use. We've got live music from poet and performer Joss, and more word-smithery from the DIY poets.

All this and more, not forgetting some crackin’ tunes by Trickster, Wholesome Fish and Martin the Livewire, plus some adverts to make you piss your pants!


Some highlights of the show:

  • Fossil Fools day: E-on blockade round-up + bonus interview
  • New interview with Zimbabwean activist
  • We learn about Transition Towns and the first Transition City - Nottingham!
  • Songs from author and poet Joss
  • Interview with organiser of Nottingham's first Civil Liberties conference
  • Tracks from Martin The Livewire, Trickster, Wholesome Fish & PopX

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