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SHAC May Raids Anniversary

Antispe | 30.04.2008 09:42 | SHAC | Stop Sequani Animal Testing | SOCPA | Animal Liberation | Repression | World

As most of you probably know it will be a year tomorrow since the "may raids", when police (i.e. NETCU & co) raided twenty-nine UK homes, searching two addresses also in Holland and one in Belgium, see picture below.

Picture from TFI France: ALF torch HLS supplier HQ / redistributed by UAAF-TV
Picture from TFI France: ALF torch HLS supplier HQ / redistributed by UAAF-TV

The raids began at around 5.30am on May 1st 2007 and took place in Berkshire, Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex, Kent, London, South Wales, Lancashire and Yorkshire by five police forces from the UK.

Original report from 6 Boat Lane raid:

This was all to try and close down SHAC (, believe it or not. Thirty people were arrested, which are now upto thirty-one, who will, or should be if the date doesn't get pushed back for the third time, be coming to trial in July.

Well it's far from over as you may have read from the recent news (25-29th) this month on Indymedia, see below.

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Also, see the links below to see what has started up SINCE the raids: - Western Animal Rights Network (WARN)* - Stop Sequani Animal Tesing (SSAT)* - A.R. Copwatch - South East Animal Rights (SEAR) - National Animal Rights Alliance (NARA Ireland) - Foie Gras Free North - Until All Are Free TV - Antispeciesist Action (Antispe) - North East Animal Rights (NEAR) - Revolution Frontline)


Not to mention countless other grassroots collectives and local groups..

Keep up the pressure, join the resistance - Smash HLS!

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