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Berlin Mayday Newsletter

hjk | 21.04.2008 18:22 | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements | World

Only 10-ish days left 'til Mayday! Get involved!

Mayday-Newsletter April 2008

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/////MAYDAY-Parade/////1 MAY 2008/////2 PM/////Boxhagener Platz/////Berlin/


1. Parade and propaganda material
2. Mobilization video online
3. Action and Words
4. Watch movies, make props and last appointments
5. Mayday in Germany, Europe and worldwide
6. Addresses and links

1. Parade and propaganda material

Most of you will already know, but we’ll tell you again: This year there will be
another Mayday Parade in Berlin! Under the slogan, 'be.A STRIKER
Organize the Good Life!' we will challenge insecure working and living
conditions – hopefully together with you! The demonstration will start in
Friedrichshain this year, at Boxhagener Platz, and will end in Kreuzberg. An
exact route will be available on our website soon. As always, the parade lives
from the ideas of everyone involved. So get active and be creative!

In the run-up to Mayday, we haven't been inactive. The question of shattering
the shitty, capitalist rat race, the search for forms of resistance and much
more is what our call-out pursues: you can find it in German, English and
Swedish on our homepage. There are also very fancy posters and flyers
available: you can find them both on the website and for those of you who want
to distribute them, they are available in both 'Schwarze Risse' bookshops, in
'Daneben' in Friedrichshain and in 'New York' in Bethanien. An extra edition of
Arranca! is also available and gives you an idea of who is involved in
organising Mayday. You can find the Arranca! Extra in the places mentioned
above. (Addresses are at the bottom of this newsletter)

Our homepage ///
The call ///
The propaganda department ///
The coalition ///

Arranca! Extra ///

2. Video clip and internet

We also produced a short mobilization video. What is your strike? Instant cement
in the toilet? This and many other measures against precarious impertinence
s can be seen in three versions. Please vote for us on:

Very special this year: the production of Euromayday in Terassa/Barcelona

Chiki Euromayday

We also finally arrived at Myspace. Are you there too? Then please link to
and become our friend.

And if you want to link to us, then you can find our banner for your own website
or blog here:

3. Action and Words

Flats for refugees, rather than systematic attrition! That’s the demand of the
friends of the Berlin Coalition against Detention Camps. And we agree! There
are plans for a rally in front of the Social Services Department (Sozialamt
) in
Marzahn-Hellersdorf in order to protest against both the conditions in –
and the
sending of people to – the deportation centre in Motardstrasse, Spandau.

/// Anti-racist Rally // Thursday 24.04 // 4:30pm // In front of the
‘Freizeitforum’ Marzahn // Marzahner Promenade 55 // Tram M6

Investors want to inspect a house on Lausitzer Platz (Eisenbahnstrasse 48),
a view to buying the building and turning its contents into flats for sale.
Various initiatives, opposed to the restructuring and gentrification of the
city, are calling for a ‘mass investor inspection’ of the house. And we’re
joining them! We’ve never thought much of high rents, and let’s see what the
real investors think of huge crowds blockading the entrance to the house!

///Collective ‘Investor’ Viewing // Saturday 26.04 // 3pm-5pm // Eisenbahnstr.
48 // Lausitzer Platz // Kreuzberg

“We live: Therefore, we resist.” That’s what it says in the call for the Mayday
Parade in Japan this year. This year, in which the G8 is scheduled to take
place in Japan, Mayday Parades will take place in five different cities.
Demonstrations are planned from 28 April until 3 May. The high point is the
final demonstration in Tokyo. Ahead of and during 1 May, two activists from
the Freeter Union – a left wing trade union in Japan – will be visiting Ber
lin. We want to use this opportunity to discuss various perspectives against
precariousness and, in comfort, watch a few films about the Mayday parades
which have taken place in Japan over the last few years. Obviously, there will
also be a report about the state of things in the No-G8 mobilisation.

/// Big in Japan? Film and Discussion about Mayday and the G8 // Sunday 27.
// 7.30pm // New Yorck, in Bethanien

4. Watch movies, make props and last appointments

There isn't that much time until 1 May, however, there is still a lot left
do. The next action will be a video protest in cooperation with the film
festival 'Global Clips about Precarious Situations'.

/// Video Protest // Wednesday, 23. April // 7:30 PM // Boxhagener Platz

Additionally, there is a lot left to prepare for the parade. This year, again,
there will be lots of speech-bubbles to fill in yourself, there will be signs,
banners, truck decoration and special gimmicks. There are three appointments
for producing these, at which many helping hands are both needed and welcome.
Come by and bring your ideas.

/// Wednesday 23.04. // from 5 pm // Zielona Gora
/// Saturday 26.04. // 12 noon to 6 pm // New Yorck im Bethanien
/// Wednesday 30.04. // 5 pm // Zielona Gora (including last information and

And then there is the next open meeting of the Mayday Coalition, please come if
you want to participate in the preparation for the parade and the actions

/// Tuesday 22.04. // 7:30 pm // Versammlungsraum, Mehringhof

5. Mayday in Germany, Europe and worldwide

As in past years, Mayday is happening in many cities and is not limited to
Europe. This year there will be a Mayday Parade in Tokyo and other Japanese
cities, which will mobilize for the protests against the G8 in July! For the
first time, there will also be a Mayday Parade in Aachen. The raison d'être is
the Karlspreis award, which is going to Angela Merkel; Nicolas Sarkozy is
coming by to hold the speech to congratulate her. This is a great opportunity
to protest against the European leadership-couple. This year, the neo-nazis
are getting on Hamburg’s nerves, therefore it will be up to Mayday to banish


6. Addresses and Links


Bookshop Schwarze Risse Kreuzberg // Mehringhof // Gneisenaustr. 2a // 10961

Bookshop Schwarze Risse Prenzlauer Berg // Kastanienallee 85 //10435 Berlin

Information shop Daneben // Friedrichshain // Liebigstr. 34 // 10247 Berlin

New Yorck in Bethanien // Kreuzberg // Mariannenplatz 2 // linker Seitenflügel
// 10997 Berlin

Zielona Gora // Friedrichshain // Grünberger Str. 73 // 10245 Berlin

Versammlungsraum in Mehringhof // Kreuzberg // Gneisenaustr. 2a // 10961 Berlin


So, you read all the way till the end? Fantastic! Enough information for to
We will hopefully see each other on 1 May or before! Don't forget: Our exchange
is the street.


The Mayday Coalition


Mayday-Parade//1 May//2 PM//Boxhagener Platz//Friedrichshain//Berlin//


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