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Sciencelink animal lab has been abandoned

Anti-Vivisection | 21.04.2008 15:24 | SHAC | Animal Liberation | Health | World

"This battle has been won by the Animal Rights Activists" - Lei Heldens, Councillor of Venray, Netherlands

Cancelled by CAV (Coalition Anti-Vivisection)
Cancelled by CAV (Coalition Anti-Vivisection)

The Coalition Anti-Vivisection is proud to announce that the massive Sciencelink animal testing laboratory project in Holland has been stopped for good thanks to a vociferous campaign!

Sciencelink was due to cost €60 Million, ($90 Million/£50 Million), and was to have a purpose built breeding facility on the site to supply the animals, owned by Harlan (international animal breeders). A company who supply to HLS, other labs and univsersities in the UK and elsewhere in Europe.

To put Sciencelink into perspective the new primate lab at Oxford University cost around £20 Million, (€26 Million/$40 Million), to build.

Not only has the project been abandoned but a senior director of Harlan resigned as a result. This is not only a great victory for the animals, it also represents a bitter blow to the animal testing industry as a whole!


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