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x | 21.04.2008 11:08 | Education | Globalisation | Other Press | London | Oxford

watch as it happens - or - the more we watch, the less it happens!

VOTING MACHINES IN OHIO - where the last USA election was "won" - ARE UNDER "DOUBLELOCK" AS CRIME INVESTIGATIONS DIG FURTHER . . . . in the same state enquiries proceed into a doubtful TERRORIST ACT PREVENTION SHUTDOWN - at the same place the votes were added up - as they were added up.
The PRIMARIES are where the doubts about a few of these votes were raised most . . . . as the crucial vote tomorrow might show. News from Italy says that rumours about exit polls also getting rigged means people should watch all the harder . . . . to expect the media spin goes without saying after the dodgiest recent spin. A "religious" inquisition of the two dem hopefuls submerged Obamas good retort to a hard question - that "mysterious ways" includes through OUR efforts too - ( thus keeping the sceptics happy at the same time as appreciation from theological types ) - but his comprehension of how people are affected in little towns that are "forgotten" by the "wheels of progress" - or seen as "collateral damage" - wasa twisted to distort empathy to dismissal.
But its though the actual turnout that means the difference - QUIS CUSTODIAT CUSTODIES is useful too!

more info - - today.