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Demonstrate against the Counter-Terrorism Bill

Jaya | 21.04.2008 08:44 | Anti-racism | Repression | Social Struggles | London | South Coast

DEMONSTRATE against the
Counter-Terrorism Bill

12 May 2008

5-7pm in Parliament Square (tube: Westminster)

No to Punishment without Trial!
No to Secret Inquests!

Join the struggle against injustice! All welcome!

Speakers include
Mark Thomas, comedian/writer
Gareth Peirce, Human Rights Lawyer
Sabina Frediani, Liberty Campaigns Co-ordinator
Liz Davies, Chair, Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers
Bruce Kent, Progressing Prisoners, Maintaining Innocence
Lindsey German, Convenor Stop the War Coalition
Arzu Pesmen, Chair Kurdish Federation UK
Mahan Abedin, Director of Research Centre for the Study of Terrorism (CFSOT)
Asim Qureshi, CagePrisoners

In June, MPs will vote in Parliament on proposals for the fifth set of new anti-terror laws in this country since 2000. None of these laws have helped to make Britain a safer country; instead they have given more powers to the police and courts to restrict the freedom of the public and intimidate vulnerable communities, particularly Muslim and migrant communities. Out of the 1200+ individuals arrested under anti-terrorism laws in the past few years, less than 5% have been convicted of “terrorism” offences and less than 20% were even charged with such offences. These laws have been instrumental only in creating a climate of distrust, suspicion and isolation.

Support the due process rights of all ‘suspects’

This bill has many proposals which undermine the due process rights of ‘suspects’ and impose ever greater punishment without trial.

· Extending pre-charge detention for “terror suspects” to 42 days

· Post-charge questioning of “terror suspects” – possibly right up to the trial date, presuming that the “suspects” are guilty

· Conviction of ordinary offences will result in longer sentences if they are considered to have a “terrorism connection”

· Convicted “terrorists” can have their property confiscated – bank accounts, vehicles, computers, homes, etc. – a punishment not just them for them but also for their families who may have no connection to the offence

· Extra punishment – a ban on foreign travel and having to inform police of whereabouts for convicted “terrorists”; this would be imposed without any proper court procedure

· Secret inquests – inquests into deaths in police custody will be held secretly in the interest of national security; the police will not be brought to account

· Penalising charities – volunteers at charities who do not give information to the police of suspected terrorist activity at their place of work – supporting a banned “terrorist” organisation, for example – could face prosecution

· Penalising anti-war protest – seeking or communicating information about the armed forces that could supposedly be useful to terrorism will also become an offence

Ask your MP to oppose those proposals.
Model letter to send your MP can be downloaded at

The National Coalition Against Anti-Terror Powers, which includes more than 21 organisations (listed on the website below), is coordinated by the
Campaign Against Criminalising Communities, .

For more details, contact or call Mark on 07854 390 408