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Police presence in Bristol starts to fall in days after controlled explosion

Jonathan Winterfield | 20.04.2008 18:46 | Terror War

The police presence in Bristol has started to fall. This comes in the days after a controlled explosion and the arrest of a man under the terrorism act in the Westbury on Trym area of the city.

After the controlled explosion took place the police presence in the area was significantly higher than usual level. The nearest Main Road to the incidents, Henleaze Road had a significantly several police vehicles on the road at any time.

This high police presence has disappeared, with the usual police presence being restored to the usual level.

The incidents, which occurred on Friday resulted in the arrest of a terrorist suspect, who is being detained by the police for seven days .

In addition many people were forced away from their homes. They have not yet been allowed to return.

Jonathan Winterfield
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