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Antifascist news from Poland

antifa wildeast | 20.04.2008 18:14 | Anti-racism | World


you can run fascist but you can't hide...
you can run fascist but you can't hide...


being fascist can be risky!
being fascist can be risky!

ANTIFA news from Poland

Wroclaw 12/04- fascists try to march but they fail

On the 12th of April two Polish nationalist organizations NOP (National Rebirth of Poland) and ONR (National-Radical Camp) held a march in the city of Wroclaw (South Poland). First they tried to legalize it under the pretext of “commemoration of nationalists killed by Communists and Nazi regimes” (how funny taking into account that lots of nazi skinheads were expected to turn up as well) but when they got refused they finally got it legalized, two days before the march, by claiming the “commemoration of Katyn victims” (Katyn was a prison camp in Russia, where thousands of Polish P.O.W.s and policemen were executed by Soviets in 1940).
Antifa wasn’t left with much time to mobilise. In the meantime a group called Young Socialists called for a legal counter demonstration. During the day about 200 fascists and some Nazis turned up. The Anti-fascist counter-demonstration was small, about 30-40 people strong. There were also a few dozen militant anti-fascists from all over country hanging out in the area. A few times fascists were attacked, each time most of them legging it, unwilling to confront Antifa. One was hospitalised after being beaten unconscious by Antifas just moments before a fascist group was ready to launch an attack on more liberal anti-fascists. Many more had been injured (see pictures). On the side of Antifa there was only one person slightly injured. Police decided to stop the fascist march before it really started, they cordoned them off and then detained those that refused to move. Antifa scouts overheard some fash pleading to police to detain them because they were afraid to meet anti-fascists again. So much for brave white warriors…At the end almost all of them had been detained, fined for different minor offences and released in the evening. There were some Antifa arrests and 5 people got charged with assault and had to pay between 250 and 800 euros of bail money and have to report to the police station once a week. The organizers of the legal counter - demonstration didn’t bother with the arrested people and didn’t organize any legal help at all, disconnecting themselves from militant Anti-fascists.
Following a nationalist internet forum Antifascists had been amused to read lots of fearful comments instead of the usual “antifa ha ha ha.” The best comment posted was of one nationalist saying “My doctor told me that my nose will never be the same again”. The liberal media were all in shock of what happened, because it was anti-fascists openly attacking right wingers, not fitting into the criteria of helpless victims or righteous self-defence. Antifa has shown once again what militant resistance should look like and how successful it can be!
At the moment there is money being organized for legal help and to cover bail costs but if you can help please do. The bank details are below:
Jakub Gawlikowski
PL05 1140 2004 0000 3702 4238 2269
BRE Bank S.A. Retail Banking, al. Mickiewicza 10, 90-050 Lodz
SORT CODE: 11402004

And write “NOPasaran” on the transfer slip.

Some pictures:

Repressions against Anti-fascists in Bialystok

Last year there was a period of serious increase in activity of local neonazis. From attacks on “unPolish” looking people, through to the desecration of a Jewish cemetery, monuments and local buildings were covered with nazi slogans and these sort of events became daily bread in Bialystok. Local Anti-fascists didn’t leave this situation without reaction and decided to take matters into their own hands. Nazi slogans were painted over, thousands of Antifa stickers covered the city and nazi bandits themselves became the target of repeated attacks. News about Antifa started spreading fast. This didn’t make the “guardians of law and order” very happy.
Police began a campaign directed at local Antifa members-stop and search, detentions, the confiscating of legal self defence weapons and trying to fine people for their possession! There were attempts of psychological warfare (writing letters to parents of people etc.) and other sort of tactics aimed at intimidating Anti-fascists and showing them who rules the city. In March a few people got their houses raided, their computers and mobile phones were confiscated and they were presented with absurd charges, which were later overthrown. On the 13th of April 10 people were arrested on charges of assaulting two nazi skinheads. Earlier that day one Antifa activist had been stabbed 5 times by nazi scum. During the arrests cops pretended not to notice a group of Nazis charging Antifa with drawn knives. All of the arrested Antifa activists were held over night and then released, but they have to pay about 450 pounds each of bail money and report to the police station once a week.
All this clearly shows what many Antifas have known for years- that “guardians of law and order” stand on the opposite side of the barricade and we can expect nothing good from them. At the same time during interrogations a few people from Antifa had been offered deals if there was co-operation and cops tried to sell stories about how they “also don’t like Nazis” etc. Of course those offers were ignored- after all our main slogan is ”against state, police and Nazis”. Far right and guardian dogs eventually always end up on the same side- more and more facts show that some Nazis give information to police and on this basis a few people have been arrested.

Whatever happens, our struggle continues. This is not the first time the forces of repression have tried to suffocate Anti-fascists resistance in Bialystok. They didn’t manage before, they will not manage now. Our ranks are growing all the time with people that have had enough of Nazi bandits and enough of waiting for somebody else to solve the problem for them. In the meantime legal help for activists facing charges is being organized.

Antifa- the struggle continues!
(if you want to help with legal costs write to: barbarians(at)

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