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Terrorist conspiracy in Worthing

Worthingite | 20.04.2008 08:40 | Repression | Terror War | South Coast

TERRORISM, subterfuge and conspiracy are the subject of a talk being given in Worthing on Thursday night (April 24).

The presentation at Worthing Alliance's meeting upstairs at The Rest in Bath Place, will look at the activities of secret anti-communist armies set up across western Europe after the Second World War.

It will explain that although these were supposed to be precautions in case of a Soviet invasion, they quickly turned into sinister terrorist forces used to attack or discredit anti-capitalist groups.

Said a Worthing Alliance spokesman: "This talk promises to provide the missing link between the likes of the Bologna bombing, the Omagh bomb and the current War on Terror - it should be fascinating stuff and there will be plenty of time for people to ask questions afterwards."

The meeting, which is open to all and free of charge, begins at 8pm.

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