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NHS campaign fundraiser

Patient | 17.04.2008 07:52 | Health | South Coast

A fundraiser for Keep Our NHS Public is being held in Brighton this weekend.

The vegan roast can be enjoyed at the Cowley Club at 12 London Road this Sunday, April 20, from 1pm.

The local Keep Our NHS Public's new bulletin: 'Taking the NHS to market', looks at who stands to profit from the NHS under privatisation at a local and national level.

News includes updates on campaigns having an impact in West Sussex and the Eastbourne/Hastings challenge to maternity closures. Our investigation into the company responsible for building the new Royal Alexandra Children's Hospital continues with a look at what Private Finance Initiative (PFI) contracts mean in practice.

We also examine the government's emphasis on 'choice' in the health service, and ask if this is what the public want or need. Copies available at the fundraiser.



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