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Detained Mothers on Hunger Strike in Yarl's Wood

No Borders | 16.04.2008 11:00 | Migration | Repression

Seven mothers in the family unit in Yarl's Wood immigration prison are on hunger strike since Thursday, April 10th. They include two breast-feeding mothers. A protest involving up to 15 families started last Thursday, when a mother with her baby, who were to be taken to the airport, took refuge in the 'church' and refused to leave.

No Borders


Mother moved to other detention centre

18.04.2008 12:17

Mercy Guobadia one of the Mothers who was on hunger strike has been moved to Tinsley House IRC, she has been given no reason for the transfer!

Mum goes on hunger strike over detention

Swansea Evening Post - 17 April 2008 command=displayContent&sourceNode=161372&contentPK=20416911&moduleName=InternalSearch&formname=sidebarsearch

John O (repost)

Burundian mother and child given new removal!

20.04.2008 21:25

The Burundian mother who took refuge in the church has been given new removal directions for Wednesday 23rd April. If you want to help and if you want updates please e-mail

Asylum Solidarity Network
mail e-mail:


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