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American Plea Bargaining: A criminal Enterprize In uSA

geral sosbee | 14.04.2008 22:09 | Analysis | Anti-militarism | Repression | World

Plea Bargains- Unethical, Torturous and Abominable in the USA; now the fbi tries to force Plea Bargains on the people of England.

Plea bargains (PB) are a staple in American prosecutorial jurisprudence.

After all, the accuser (the DA, USA,Etc.) enjoys (via PB) forcing the innocent accused to choose between the possibility of long or severe prison sentences
(or death) and lighter punitive measures allowable under the PB.
The fbi particularly use the PB to threaten the accused in order for the fbi to gain from the accused names and other information about other innocent citizens who may be outspoken against fbi/cia criminal operations.Today, many so-called allies of the uSA begin to notice that the fbi and the cia presume to impose the PB practices on other countries for intelligence purposes; the problem that the fbi/cia encounter is that other cultures reject the oppressive function of the PB process because the accused should not be used by a bunch of torturers and assassins in the fbi/cia for political gain, or for purposes of world inhumane domination.For example, fbi mental dwarf director,...
"Mueller, who visited London last week, said a law banning plea bargains prevents interrogators from obtaining key information from suspects." (Stephen Grey:
Mueller clearly seeks to force upon the English (and others around the world) the same unethical and often criminal PB system used in this country. [ Note : In many instances the prosecutor knows (or has reason to know) that the accued is innocent, but the guilt/innocense of the accused is irrelevant when the DA or the USA seeks intelligence data from the accused.Thus, the actions of the prosecutor are theoretically more severely criminal in nature than those alleged actions against the accused].Many innocent men are in prison today as a result of the tyranny of the PB system.

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